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Maikel Skaliks – guitar en vocals
Martin Bosker – bass en backing vocals

Acoustic wave with a punch!

With a band name like SHEs ON MARS you expect extra-terrestrial sounds. If you interpret that as ‘eccentric’ again, you’ll get quite close to the music of this pleasantly odd duo. “Acoustic wave with a punch”.

With their brand new album ‘H2O’, SHEs ON MARS is guaranteed for a refreshing surprise.

Since 2016, Martin Bosker (Bas) and Maikel Skaliks (Guitar and Vocals) toured through clubs and festivals in the Netherlands and the German border area. Within a short period of time, the band builds quite the track-record through a number of support acts, including for rock band New Model Army.

Late 2017, the band known as SHEs ON MARS evolved into a duo. An entire set of new songs was written and in the summer of 2018 the band releases a debut album ‘Sleepless Creatures’. In no less than a year (!), SHEs ON MARS released its second album entitled ‘H2O’.

The exceptionally beautiful Photography and Artwork (by Martin) speaks volumes and as soon as Maikel’s ‘signature voice’ pops out of the speakers, the tone is set. The boys are waving with their unmistakable cheerful note, a wink and this time with a serious message; “change…or drown together”

© She's On Mars